At East Wanneroo Primary School we have high expectations of all students across all areas, including attendance. Our attendance motto is “Every day counts”. Student learning is a long staircase; a day missed is not as simple as missing the learning of that day but affects the quality of learning for many days after as the student tries to catch up on what they missed. 

We recognise that there are legitimate reasons for students to miss school. 

GOOD REASONS for students to be away are:

  • Sick, especially if contagious
  • Medical appointments
  • Important family business – like a funeral 

POOR REASONS for students to be away (which the school marks as unacceptable) are:

  • Extended holidays
  • Extended weekends
  • Visiting family
  • Birthdays or other events where not attending school is given as a reward for a child 

Days Off Add Up Table

 If your child misses… that equals… or… From Kindy to year 12 that adds up to… Which is the equivalent of attending until:
1 day per fortnight20 days per year1 month per yearnearly 1 ½ yearspart-way through year 11
1 day per week40 days per year2 months per yearover 2 ½ yearspart-way through year 10
2 days per week80 days per year4 months per yearover 5 yearsthe end of year 7
3 days per week120 days per year6 months per yearnearly 8 yearsthe end of year 4