Local Intake Area

The following defines the local-intake area of this school:

From the junction of Wanneroo Road and Dundebar Road, east along Dundebar Road to Griffiths Road, north along Griffiths Road and continuing north, west, and north along the locality boundary between Sinagra and Wanneroo to Caporn Street, east along Caporn Street to Franklin Street, south along Franklin Street to Trichet Road, east along Trichet Road to Hawkins Road, south along Hawkins Road to Badgerup Road, south along Badgerup Road to Jambanis Road, west along Jambanis Road to Benmuni Road, north along Benmuni Road to Elliot Road, west along Elliot Road to Wanneroo Road and north along Wanneroo Road to Dundebar Road. The boundary parts of Dundebar Road (south side), Griffiths Road (east side), Caporn Street (south side), Franklin Street (west side), Trichet Road (south side), Hawkins Road (west side), Badgerup Road (west side), Elliot Road (north side) and Wanneroo Road (east side) are included within the local-intake area of this school. The boundary parts of Jambanis Road (both sides) and Benmuni Road both sides) are excluded from this local intake area.

Localities of Jandabup and Sinagra are optional areas for East Wanneroo Primary School.

The locality of Gnangara is an optional area for Ashdale Primary School, East Wanneroo Primary School and Landsdale Primary School.