Children’s University

East Wanneroo Primary school has been participating in the exciting Children’s University Australasia Africa (CUA) program, since 2018.

The CUA is an internationally recognised and established model that was proudly launched in Western Australia by Edith Cowan University (ECU) and is now delivered through the Children’s University Western Australia Partnership (CUWAP) with the University of Western Australia (UWA).

The CUWAP program aims to inspire a passion for learning beyond the classroom such as during lunch, after school, weekends and holidays. At East Wanneroo, interested students from years 4 to 6 are able to nurture their aspirations, discover new passions, develop new skills and above all, have fun!

The program provides opportunities for CU children and their families to engage with the local and wider community to participate in fun and engaging learning activities offered by validated CU Learning Destinations. These places include public libraries, zoos, parks, museums, art galleries, theatres, sporting clubs, school clubs as well as businesses. Using the CUA Portal, Children can also experience a lot of new activities online.

Students enrolled in CUA are issued with a ‘Passport to Learning’, which records their individual learning journey. After 30 or 35 hours of learning, the children’s participation is recognised through the award of certificates presented at a graduation ceremony held at Edith Cowan University.