Early Childhood Education

At East Wanneroo Primary School, we foster an environment that encourages children to feel safe, included and respected. 

Our educators recognise the value and diversity families bring to their child’s education and our school. We strive to develop programs which are meaningful to the children and support them to feel connected to school and the wider community.

To provide a balanced curriculum, we use explicit teaching and intentional play-based learning.

Teachers encourage children to be active participants and decision makers to provide opportunities for them to grow intellectually, physically and socially. We facilitate learning through hands on experiences, questioning and risk taking as we believe it is through making mistakes that we learn.

We use a variety of resources to encourage children to discover, imagine and create, to become confident learners with a sense of identity.

These rich early childhood educational experiences are the foundation to a successful school education. At East Wanneroo Primary School, we invest many resources to support our youngest students. Partnerships have been built with universities and agencies to provide students with access to speech and occupational therapy trainees who assist in the identification of students who need extra support.  

Our facilities, set in an expansive play area, are purpose built for early learning.

Little Learners

To welcome new parents and students to our school, we run a three-year-old program in term 4 prior to the commencement of kindergarten. Little Learners prepares each child for school and allows the parents to get to know school staff and partners (school nurse, psychologist, chaplain, P&C) and ask questions.