At East Wanneroo Primary School, we believe that working in partnership with parents is a key to providing success for every student every day.

We aim to keep parents updated on how their child is progressing and of school events through a range of communication modes:

Daily chats

Before and after school is a great time for staff and parents to quickly update each other on minor issues and positive feedback. The more parents and staff feel comfortable with each other, the more likely minor hiccups will be addressed. If a teacher or parent has a significant concern or personal information to share, then a meeting can be made where privacy is assured.


Seesaw is an application that teachers use to communicate on a daily basis. Through this app teachers can show parents what is happening in the classroom, provide additional work for homework and send reminders of events taking place.


Connect is a Department of Education application that is used for whole school communications such as school semester reports.


Email can be used to personally communicate with staff regarding information specific to your child.


Facebook is used by the School and P&C to promote public events. As this is a public forum, we refrain from posting images of students.